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The following examples are some real-life yogurts made by the author of this website.
Cultured Yogurts
No Date Accomplishment Notes Follow-up Containers
1 03/30/10 Used plain Giant yogurt with active cultures and cooler with hot water extra bottles. Turned out very well. Saved some for next use. Bottles
2 04/05/10 Tried again using leftover from last batch – with part soy milk. Used crock pot with 50% setting on X-10. Weaker batch – but had 50% home made soy milk added. Turn much of this into yogurt cheese – was great with jam. Bottles
3 04/07/10 Bought some Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter at health store and used part soy milk. Again used 50% on X-10. Again, was weaker – possibly need to go beyond 8 hours as the yogurt is not sour and not thick enough. Milk added was 1/3 total. Note: yogurt cheese with soy is great with jam and equal. Bottles
4 04/09/10 Tried again using leftover from last batch – with part soy milk. Note, froze leftover as 3 small blobs from small ceramic bowls. Used 40% on X-10 and blanket. Weaker batch – but had 2/3 home made soy milk added. THIS MAINTAINED 110 F perfectly for the 8 hours... but maybe not long enough. Transferred to bottles after 8 hours and turned thicker in fridge. Ordered more cultures online – 4/12 from Crock pot
5 04/12/10 General observations Reading much material – it looks like the best way to make yogurt is to use a large cooler, put 2 large pitchers of 140 F water with the rest of the jars at temperature. The benefit is that if everything is warm and at the proper temperature, you can walk away and forget it... for 8 – 10 or more hours... Note also that you can try and combine several cultures to get mix.
6 04/12/10 Bought some Fage and Stoney Brook yogurts to use as starters. Used Fage, Stoney Brook and Giant Plain in the new Waring yogurt maker. The plain and Stoney Brook congealed in under 3 hours – took one of each out. Left others to see what happens at 8 hours. At 5 hours, all were congealed. Waring Yogurt Maker
7 04/13/10 YTP – yogurt tasting party with Charlene for all 6 Consensus: the Stoney Brook was best all around, Giant plain was next and Fage last. It could be that Fage thingies were not as active as others as the result after 8 hours was grainy and liquid on top. Have now frozen – 4 Fage, 2 Stoney Brook 2 Giant plain and 3 multi mix of all 3. Waring Yogurt Maker
8 04/14/10 Made more soy yogurt Per usual result – not firm enough Bought some commercial soy milk to try to see if that is added that it will be better. Also to try pectin. Waring Yogurt Maker
9 04/15/10 Made plain, Chobani and Siggis with whole milk plus dry After 8 hours was great – Siggis is the best Try with soy. Waring Yogurt Maker
10 04/16/10 Made soy Siggis Took a long, long time – started with frozen starter. Pulled cups at 11, 12, 13 hours Same results – thickened a bit but not firm. Tasted better. Waring Yogurt Maker
11 04/17/10 Made another batch of dairy Siggis w 2 qts skim plus dry.. Starting to firm up after an hour in the yogurt maker. Pulled at 3 hours. Excellent try with skim and dry. Waring Yogurt Maker
12 04/17/10 Comments Need to try various flavors on bottom plus psuedo fat addition.   Waring Yogurt Maker
13 04/19/10 Made a batch of Y-5 with skim plus dry Incredible... best every per wife. Firmed up after 6+ hours but small 3 oz container took 8 Excellent try with skim and dry. Waring Yogurt Maker
14 04/21/10 Made 1 quart of Y-5 and 1 ½ of Y-4 with half and half, whole plus dried milk Y-5 in 3 hours and Y-4 in over 4 hours. Y-5, of course, is the top and Y-4 is a cheesy version which is excellent also. Waring Yogurt Maker
15 04/23/10 Made 1 quart of Yogourmet and 1 ½ of Chobani with no-fat, plus dried milk Chobani firmed up in under 2 hours and the Yogourmet in under 6, Chobani good with the skim milk. Yogourmet seems to have an off-taste to it but it could be the milk. Waring Yogurt Maker
16 04/26/10 Made 3 quarts of Y-4 with whole milk plus dried milk plus 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp salt and 3 tbsp sugar. Firmed up in 3+ hours. Used artichoke jar ½ full of prior yogurt to start it. Tastes great as usual. Even better being more sweet and also with a vanilla taste. Waring Yogurt Maker
17 04/27/10 Made 2 quarts of Activia with half and half and dried milk with 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp almond, 1 tsp salt and 3 tbsp sugar. Potential problem – checked temp of warm milk and it was around 110 but felt much warmer. Also, the Activia culture was a bit watery. But it firmed up after 5-6 hours. This tasted absolutely wonderful Waring Yogurt Maker
18 04/30/10
Made 3 quarts of Activia with whole milk and dried milk with 2 tsp vanilla, 3 tsp almond, 1 tsp salt and 3 tbsp sugar.
Made from 4/27 culture set-aside for Activia. While this was not as creamy as the half and half batch, it still was very good.
  Waring Yogurt Maker


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The Latest in News

August 5, 2011: Here
are some new ideas
we have used to create
fresh yogurt:

- we finally tried
using gelatin to
help thicken the 
resulting yogurt.
The good news is 
that the yogurt was
thicker than normal
but the bad news is:

+ that the gelatin we
used must have been
stale because it had
an off taste to it.
Perhaps using a 
flavored package 
might result in a
tasty flavored 

+ the yogurt would
not strain well to
make Greek yogurt.

- Also, we tried 
making double strength
powdered milk and 
using that for half 
the dairy. This worked
out very well.
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