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This section provides some ideas to explore in the field of yogurt.

Here are some of the things you might want to do with/to your yogurt:

Yogurt flavors:

Here are some ideas to get you started:  about dairy recipes and general approaches and adding instant pudding and Indian Flavor Ways

  1. How about adding tea bags like Blackberry Zinger or Roolbos.  Visit this site for more information: Tea Infused Yogurt  and find flavored teas at your supermarket or online: Full flavored teas or even explore non-flavored teas like:  non-flavored teas
  2.  The world of extracts is surely more than plain vanilla: Natures Flavors and please note that even Amazon has them also - example - a berry extract assortment for $14 Amazon extracts and flavors
  3. And some links of interest:   Flavor additions;  about Flavoring Yogurt;  Jello Parfaits;  and Yolife Recipes, Yum Drops. Home Cooking ideas,
  4. At the risk of being called heretics, the use of some flavors of Kool-Aid can provide pre- and post- incubation flavors. 
  5. Take a powder - Flavor Powders
  6. Flavor combinations:  About, Fruit Combinations, Wiki Combinations, Juice Combinations,   Ideal Fruit Combinations, Jams, Dried Fruits, Other Fruit


Yogurt toppings:

Treat a dish of yogurt like ice cream and make a banana split. Or put your favorite cereal on top.

  1. Ideas for fruit toppings which can be served that way or mixed in:  Toppings
  2. Or spice it up: Spicy Flavors
  3. More and more ideas: More ideas

Yogurt Recipes:

Here are some recipe links for ways to use yogurt:  Cooking 101, Delicious Recipes, Kalyn's Kitchen, Health and Beyond, 10 Ways to Use YogurtParfaits, Smoothies, Lots more smoothies, From SmoothieWeb, CDKitchen Smoothies, Cooks Recipes, Sure Shot Yogurt, 607 Recipes, over 400 Recipes

 Lists of parfaits, not all yogurt - you can substitute lemon yogurt for, for exmaple, lemon curd and so forth:  List of Parfaits, Cook's List

Other recipes: All 622 of them, New York Times, Home Cooking Ideas, Mountain High Recipes, Co-op Organic Recipes


 Raitas: Raitas are nothing more than non-sweet or savory yogurt recipes - a name from India:  Raita Recipes, About Raita Recipes, Forty plus recipes, Allrecipes collection, The Nibble shares Raita concepts



There has been no attempt at verifying the nutrition claims made by these websites:  Calorie Count

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The Latest in News

August 5, 2011: Here
are some new ideas
we have used to create
fresh yogurt:

- we finally tried
using gelatin to
help thicken the 
resulting yogurt.
The good news is 
that the yogurt was
thicker than normal
but the bad news is:

+ that the gelatin we
used must have been
stale because it had
an off taste to it.
Perhaps using a 
flavored package 
might result in a
tasty flavored 

+ the yogurt would
not strain well to
make Greek yogurt.

- Also, we tried 
making double strength
powdered milk and 
using that for half 
the dairy. This worked
out very well.
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