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Testing (News) Records - these are our published records, albeit not very scientific, of tests we have run for various reasons including the adding more probiotic bacteria strains than normally found in yogurts available commercially. Please note that the dates given are those of the publication of the results shown.



April 24, 2011: Our normal yogurt production consists of 1 part whole milk (or 2% or 1%) plus 2 - 3 parts milk made from dry, powdered milk and water... with extra powder used to help thicken the results.  We became aware that folks were also using rice milk as a starting point for yogurt. While we have tried culturing our own home-made rice milk, the results were not that appealing. So as a test, we tried adding dry, powdered (dairy) milk to rice milk, rather than to water, and the results were excellent.  So we now use our normal production formula above and at least one part of the milk made from dry, powdered milk we use rice milk rather than water.




March 23, 2011: We tried the 18 strain version of the probiotics and it took a long time to culture properly. Even then, the result was a semi-liquid yogurt which did thicken more with straining as in a Greek yogurt.  More variations are needed to include other yogurts if for no other reason than esthetic purposes..


February 26, 2011: We are starting our tests on added probiotics. We did the first test this morning using a bit of culture from the last batch and then added a capsule of 8 - strain probiotics. While we have no way of knowing whether the cultures took, we did note that the yogurt was thick and very tasty. Our next test will be on the capsule only as well as a capsule of 18 - strain probiotics.


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August 5, 2011: Here
are some new ideas
we have used to create
fresh yogurt:

- we finally tried
using gelatin to
help thicken the 
resulting yogurt.
The good news is 
that the yogurt was
thicker than normal
but the bad news is:

+ that the gelatin we
used must have been
stale because it had
an off taste to it.
Perhaps using a 
flavored package 
might result in a
tasty flavored 

+ the yogurt would
not strain well to
make Greek yogurt.

- Also, we tried 
making double strength
powdered milk and 
using that for half 
the dairy. This worked
out very well.
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